Fire Breaks Out in Port of Barcelona after Hits

A fire erupted in the Port of Barcelona after a ferry collided with a loading crane at one of the port’s container terminals on the south pier early this morning.
The port authorities said that there were no injuries reported and that the fire has been controlled.
The ship in question has been identified as the Italian-flagged RoRo-passenger vessel Excellent.
Four containers fell from the ship as a result of the collision, the Associated Press reported citing Barcelona firefighting department. The flames from the containers were extinguished by foam, the report said.
The firefighters informed on their Twitter account that several units were dispatched to the scene and that the area had been evacuated.
Based on the video footage released on Youtube, the ship has been towed away from the scene.
The cause of the incident is yet to be determined.
The Managing Director of the Port of Barcelona Jose Alb. Carbonell and the port’s head of maritime district office Javier Valencia Alonso are expected to hold a press conference on the matter later today.
巴塞羅那港口Jose Alb的總經理。預計Carbonell和港口區海事辦事處負責人Javier Valencia Alonso將於今天晚些時候召開新聞發布會。

Information source: World Maritime News Staff , Image Courtesy: Shipping Spotting