22 Evacuated from Burning Bulker off Indonesia

Twenty-two crew members have been evacuated from a burning bulker named MV Golden Ocean while the ship was in ballast southeast of Bontang, Kalimantan, Indonesian Directorate General of Maritime Transportation informed.
The ship issued an emergency call on November 10 to the local search and rescue authorities asking for evacuation of the crew.
The bulker reportedly loaded coal in Surabay and was heading toward Bontang when the fire erupted in the vessel’s engine room.
Based on the latest information from the directorate, the fire has been extinguished by several firefighting tugs that were dispatched to the scene and the crew members are safe. The next step is to cool down the vessel, before it can be boarded again.
The ship has been taken under tow and is heading toward the Port of Loktuan.
The cause of the fire is being investigated.
The Indonesian-flagged Handysize bulker, built in 1984, is listed as part of Tanto Intim Line’s fleet, based on the data from VesselsValue

據印尼海上運輸總局加里曼丹省加里曼丹省Bontang東南部的船舶位於印尼海上的船舶,22名船員已從一個名為MV Golden Ocean的燃燒散貨船中撤離。
根據VesselsValue的數據,建於1984年的印度尼西亞國旗的靈便型散貨船被列為Tanto Intim Line船隊的一部分。

Information source: World Maritime News Staff , Image Courtesy: FleetMon