NYK Steps into the Future with Super Eco Ship 2050

Japanese shipping major NYK Group has given the maritime world a taste of things to come as it unveils a new concept of an emission-free ship dubbed the NYK Super Eco Ship 2050.

The concept is part of company’s Staying Ahead 2022 with Digitalization and Green management plan and incorporated the latest green and digital technologies. The design fits well the industry decarbonization efforts aimed at halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.                                

The concept ship has been crafted as a 2050-model pure car and truck carrier (PCTC) in cooperation with MTI and Elomatic, an engineering and consulting company based in Finland.

NYK said the power needed to operate the ship has been cut by 70 percent by remodeling the hull to decrease water friction, reducing the weight of the hull, introducing fuel cells for electric propulsion, and relying on other highly efficient propulsion devices.

Instead of fossil fuels, the ship would be powered by solar energy and hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources, all of which would lead to a reduction of CO2 by 100 percent and thus result in a zero-emission vessel.

日本航運主要的NYK集團已經讓海洋世界了解了未來的事情,因為它推出了一種名為NYK Super Eco Ship 2050的無排放船的新概念。

該概念是公司“ 保持領先2022”的一部分,  其中包括數字化和綠色  管理計劃,並採用了最新的綠色和數字技術。該設計非常適合於到2050年將溫室氣體排放量減半的行業脫碳工作。該概念船與MTI和位於芬蘭的工程和諮詢公司Elomatic合作,製造成2050型純汽車和卡車運輸車(PCTC)。



Information source: World Maritime News Staff , Image Courtesy: NYK Group