ONE Still Considering Scrubbers and LNG

Ocean Network Express (ONE) sees adoption of low-sulphur compliant hybrid oil as the most realistic and cost-efficient, but short-term solution, for becoming compliant with the 2020 sulphur cap.
“We are still also carefully considering other possible solutions such as exhaust gas cleaning systems and using liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a fuel, which may be employed in the future,” ONE said.
The company plans to recover rising fuel costs by introducing a bunker surcharge in all new contracts that commence on January 2019.
ONE said that the existing contracts will still be subject to the previous BAF mechanism and remain so until the contract expires.
  •  The ONE Bunker Surcharge (OBS) = Fuel Price x Trade wise Loading Factor x Trade imbalance
The newly launched carrier expects its teething problems to have a USD 400 million impact to the company’s bottom line for the fiscal year of 2018.
The teething problems, which mostly related to booking reception and documentation operations, have had a major impact on the company’s business performance since launching in April 2018 as a joint venture between K Line, MOL and NYK Line.
For the full fiscal year, the company anticipates to book a loss of USD 600 million, a major downgrade from the expected profit of USD 110 million. 
Ocean Network Express(ONE)認為採用符合低硫標準的混合油作為最符合2020硫上限的最實際,最具成本效益但短期的解決方案。
我們還在仔細考慮其他可能的解決方案,如廢氣淨化系統和使用液化天然氣(LNG)作為燃料,可能會在未來使用, ONE說。
  •  ONE Bunker附加費(OBS)=燃料價格x貿易明智的裝載因子x貿易不平衡
由於K Line,MOL和NYK Line的合資企業,自2018年4月推出以來,出現問題主要與預訂接收和文件操作有關,對公司的業績產生了重大影響。

Information source: World Maritime News Staff , Image Courtesy: ONE NETWORK EXPRESS