Evergreen orders 1,800 Star Cool reefers

Taiwanese shipping company Evergreen Marine Corp. has ordered 1,800 Star Cool reefers from Maersk Container Industry (MCI) for its growing reefer operations.

Scheduled for delivery during the 2nd quarter of 2020, reefer containers Star Cool Integrated combine the refrigerated MCI Box and the Star Cool refrigeration machine, featuring innovative technologies such as the controlled atmosphere.

Star Cool CA enables careful monitoring and control of the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide inside a reefer, enabling perishable produce to be transported further and over a longer time period.

Prior to placing the order, Evergreen spent most of 2019 running live trials across their global network involving all relevant reefer machines.

Maersk Container Industry said that the results of these extensive tests confirmed that Star Cool achieved the lowest energy consumption of all brands, the fastest temperature pulldown, and seamless customer service.

“Evergreen has spent over 50 years building a comprehensive shipping network that meets the needs of our customers, and which has help us achieve the scale of business we have today. When we began the process of selecting a new brand for our reefer fleet, we were looking for the ability to offer our customers the most reliable service as well as the documented lowest carbon footprint, which made Star Cool a clear choice,” the company commented.

台灣航運公司長榮海運公司(Evergreen Marine Corp.)已向馬士基集裝箱工業公司(MCI)訂購了1800台Star Cool冷藏箱,以用於不斷發展的冷藏箱業務。

冷藏箱Star Cool Integrated計劃於2020年第二季度交付,將冷藏的MCI Box和Star Cool製冷機結合在一起,採用了諸如可控環境等創新技術。

Star Cool CA可以對冷藏箱內的氧氣和二氧化碳進行仔細的監視和控制,從而使易腐爛的產品可以在更長的時間內更好的運輸。


馬士基集裝箱工業公司(Maersk Container Industry)表示,這些廣泛測試的結果證實,Star Cool在所有品牌中做到最低的能耗,最快的溫度下降以及無縫的客戶服務。

“ Evergreen花了50多年的時間建立了一個能夠滿足客戶需求的綜合運輸網絡,這有助於我們達到今天如此的業務規模。當我們開始選擇一個新的品牌,為我們的冷藏車隊的過程中,我們一直在尋找為客戶提供最可靠的服務以及記錄最低碳足跡,而Star Cool是一個明確對的選擇, 公司評論。

Imformation source: World Maritime News Staff , Image Courtesy: EMC