7 stowaways arrested after UK forces take control

7 stowaways arrested after UK forces take control over suspected hijacked tanker

British armed forces have taken control of the oil tanker Nave Andromeda after seven stowaways reportedly hijacked the vessel in the English Channel over the weekend.

The Liberian-flagged tanker arrived into UK waters on Sunday from Lagos, where the stowaways allegedly boarded the vessel.

The crew issued a mayday call on October 25, while situated south of the Isle of Wight. Based on the accounts from the ship operator’s spokesman, cited by the Wall Street Journal, the crew was threatened by the stowaways and retreated into the ship’s citadel for safety reasons.

It is not clear when the captain and the crew found the stowaways on board.

據報導,在週末有七名偷渡者在英吉利海峽劫持了這艘船之後,英國武裝部隊接管了油輪Nave Andromeda。


機組人員於10月25日在Wight Isle的南部,發出了一個求救的電話。根據《華爾街日報》援引該船運營商發言人的說法,船員受到偷渡者的威脅,為了安全而撤退到該船的安全室內。


Imformation source: World Maritime News